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The Orgone of the World of Ideas

The Idealistic properties of the orgone are as follows.

1. Orgone is a creative and coherent force. Its impact on each individual is necessarily constructive, healing, a source of love, and leads to the joy of being alive.56 One should adapt one’s life and the institutions to which one belongs according to the functioning of the orgone, as did the Taoists who dreamed of making politics a manifestation of the Tao.

2. The dynamics of the orgone represent a manifest truth that does not allow any other truth to exist. The truth that Reich and the humanity of the future will build is truer than that of the others because it rests on a scientific research conducted by scientists in yoga poses contact with the circulation of the orgone within themselves. This is close to the description of the philosophers in yoga poses Plato’s Republic, who have the advantage over other scientists to be in yoga poses contact with the Ideas.57

3. Orgone manifests in yoga poses the depths of the organism, far from consciousness. We must therefore attend a Reichian school58 before our consciousness can acquire the capacity to contact organ sensations and one’s pulsation, and to let itself be guided by orgone dynamics in yoga poses a constructive way.

Although Reich argues against the idea of the state that follows from Plato’s theory, their theories share many similarities.

Reich had hoped that scientists like Albert Einstein would have replicated his research; at the same time, he thought that these replications could not be undertaken by anyone other than individuals who accepted the theory of the orgone.60 Yet it is exactly when individuals want to contradict the results of experimental research that a scientific debate can sometimes lead to confirmations that render a model even more robust.61

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