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Hence in order to be acceptable to modern discourse, Buddhism had to be

(1) de-traditionalised (that is, a shift in orientation from external to internal authority -for instance that beliefs and practices of a tradition can be rejected, selected and reinterpreted on the basis of individual preferences, reason and experiences),

(2) de-mythologised (that is, the significance of myths and rituals are muted and given meanings which are acceptable – ghosts’ are for instance made into symbols of psychological states’)

(3)psychologised (that is, notions and practices are related to psychology and internal experiences while rituals and religious elements are de-emphasised – for instance Buddhism becomes an ethical psychology engaged in psychoanalysis, Gestalt therapy, psychotherapy).

11 Straighten up slightly so that you can extend your right Yoga quad stretch leg out to the side. Bend forward as before but now aim your forehead toward your Yoga quad stretch right, knee. Hold your extreme position fora count of 10. Bend your left knee to aid in the stretch. 8 Bring your arms straight back as far as possible, in line with your shoulders. When you can go no farther, drop your arms so that you can interlace your fingers. Hold your trunk erect and do not bend forward. Keep your arms raised as high as possible and carefully bend backward very slowly.

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