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Contraindications: de Quervain’s syndrome, tennis elbow. Props: Yoga postures for weight loss images None. Avoiding pitfalls: Keep your shoulders pulled back and your overall posture tall and open Yoga postures for weight loss images . Extend your right hand straight out in front of you, palm facing in. Curl your fingers into a loose fist, as if holding a staff. Use your left hand to curl the right fingers and hand in toward the inner arm, until you feel a good stretch on the outside of your right wrist. Keep your elbow straight and the inner elbow crease turned toward the left, not up. Hold with patience and care for about thirty seconds.

This middle class bhadralok habitus of protestant reform conditioned and framed the emergence of India’s colonial modernist yoga at the end of the 19 Century. Increasingly the modernist yoga sign was involved in defining lifestyles and self-identities.

Hindu tradition and nationalism

As the ideology of nation building swept over Europe in the 19 century, so it also emerged in colonial India among the metropolitan middle class. In Europe, nation building was grouped around perceived identities like language similarities, shared religion, common culture and history (i.e. German Volk) (Wikipedia link) , ideas of race. India – like Europe -was a cultural, religious and politically diverse geographical area. How could one construct national identity out of India’s multiplicity? Again, the Evangelical missionary activity of the early 19 century was the catalyst. The Indian middle class reacted to this perceived Christian threat by adopting the Orientalists notion of Hinduism’, says van der Veer – Hindu-ness as the foundation for the nation! This became the ideology called Hindu nationalism’.

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