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We have now followed the yoga sign’s way into the West. We saw initially how this gave rise to a significant re-configuration. A new hybrid yoga emerged where pre-modern signs were given meaning in a modernist sign universe of the 19 Century. After about a hundred years in the West this elitist and intellectual yoga discourse gave rise to the first shoots of a popular movement introducing an element of practice into the discourse. Yoga’s social roots were still to be found in the bourgeoisie and its cultural elites. However, after WW2 this social base changed, as yoga spread into the wider female middle class. This signalled the start of a viable milieu of yoga popularisers and sympathisers.

This movement adhered to female body discourses of health, beauty, romanticism and spirituality and they now included popular yoga discourses originating in late colonial India. Colonial modernist yoga was already strongly informed and configured by 19 Century Western modernism. Now, as the post-war West imported yoga, the wheel of hybridisation and reconfiguration took another turn. A new modernist and popular yoga discourse emerged interweaving post-war social processes like commodification, modern spirituality, holistic-romanticism, narcissism, fitness and celebrity culture – all changing the use-value as well as the symbolic-value of yoga. This yoga milieu gained critical mass in the 90s.

Breathe strongly to energize the pose. 1Inhale as your return Yoga postures for quick weight loss to standing. This pose brings inner and outer strength. UTTANASANA WITH ROLLED BLANKET Purpose: Yoga postures for quick weight loss To stretch the ankles, feet, and calves in dorsiflexion. Contraindications: Herniated lumbar disc, severe imbalance. Props: A rolled blanket and possibly two blocks. Avoiding pitfalls: Test out different heights of the roll and choose the one that is best for you. Roll up a blanket.

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