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John’s Wort, pheromones, psychotherapy, and yoga Yoga poses yoga journal breathing, with temporary use of buspirone and Meridia, brought the patient a greater degree of Yoga poses yoga journal recovery, 95% improvement in depression, and greater satisfaction in her personal and professional life.

Integrative Approach to Treat Depression Evaluation and diagnosis including nutritional status, comorbid mental and physical disorders, medication side effects, and substance abuse. Ascertain the patient’s past and current use of CAM and preferences. Inform patient of options for standard and CAM treatments including risks and benefits. Document this discussion in the patient chart.

Laboratory studies if they have not been done within the previous year: complete blood count, thyroid functions, chemistry panel, DHEA and DHEA-sulfate over age 40, and coenzyme Q10 level if the patient is taking statins. For individuals living in northern climates who may have inadequate sun exposure, check serum vitamin D level. Correct nutritional deficiencies through dietary education and supplements: multivitamin, B12 1,000 mcg/day, folic acid 800-1000 mg/day, omega-3 fatty acids 1,000 mg b.

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