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This chapter looks into why corporate high-flyers and middle-aged women are stressing down  with yoga. Why are the Gyms of the biggest metropolises booming with sweating young power yogis? Why are herbal pills, slimming products and yoga products advertised in the same magazines? Why are many services and products bought when labelled spiritual’? Why are hospitals and old people’s homes offering yoga? Why are young women going on yoga retreats in natural beauty spots? To answer this we need to look into deep social currents of Western culture. It is then left open for the reader to contemplate which (combination) of these processes might influence he or her unconsciously. Why should we look into these processes? The Freudian answer is political and psychological: by revealing them they might lose their power over us.

She felt much better when she performed her daily yoga breath Yoga poses with yoga ball practices consistently. The effect was evident in that she would deteriorate rapidly when she skipped her Yoga poses with yoga ball yoga practice for more than four consecutive days. More important, yoga breathing relaxed her. She became emotionally softer and more appealing. As a result, men wanted to develop relationships with her. Her only remaining complaint was PMS with depression and irritability. With the sixth layer of treatment, light therapy 10,000 lux for 30 minutes every morning, the residual PMS symptoms completely remitted. Concurrently, in psychotherapy Ms.

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