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• Go into the Asana, come out, rest.

• Return to the Asana, come out, rest.

• Return to the pose, come out and go into Savasana pose.

• Hold each position for a few moments at a time. With finesse, increase the time of holding.

• Remember the stages of getting in, holding, and transitioning out of the position.

• Most importantly, take deep, generous breaths.

• Follow the order of the Asana.

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We love connecting affirmations to our yogic practices. Affirmations can be used many ways. We may take a few moments at the start of our practice to close our eyes and plant the seed of intention in our minds. As we move and breathe, we can direct our efforts toward that internal goal. We can reinforce the positive message by taking a minute or two to meditate on our intention at the end of our practice. Once the seed’s been planted, we can water it off the mat with our words and actions. We may use affirmations to help create or center the mind into positive feelings rather than emotions while practicing meditation. We can repeat them softly or silently whenever troubled thoughts or feelings arise. We can say them out loud to have a powerful start to the day. Here are some of my favorite affirmations, which I have used over the years to inspire my being both on and off the mat. Use them in abundance or create your own.

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