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In Patanjali's Yoga Sutra we recall, samadhi is both the final processes and the goal. At the last stage of samadhi – dharmamegha samadhi – there is final liberation – kaivalya. The last and fourth chapter of HYP is called samadhiLike the Yoga Sutra, samadhi is described here as process and a goal. So the texts share the same ambivalence.

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But this is the only thing HYP and Yoga Sutra have in common regarding samadhi.

Of the four chapters in HYP the last samadhi chapter is by far the most confusing. It apparently jumps from issue to issue often quoting gods and gurus for this and that. The chapter appears as a very fragmented compilation: Tantra, Siva, Vedanta, Patanjali-yoga and so on are referred to, as if paying respect to everybody.

This is also confirmed in the beginning of the chapter where in verse 3 and 4 it states that there are many words for exactly the same state.

Based on this evidence the authors have given R.rosea Yoga poses at work in doses ranging from 50 to 600 mg/day to patients with CFS and FMS. Yoga poses at work In clinical practice, the authors find that R.

Rosea in doses ranging from 50 to 600 mg/day significantly enhances physical and mental energy and endurance in patients with CFS and FMS. While most patients require 200 to 600 mg/day, it is best to start with 50 mg/day in patients who tend to be sensitive, anxious, ill, or elderly and then increase by 50 to 100 mg every three to seven days as tolerated to avoid overstimulation. The authors believe that exhaustion of the stress response system with erratic activity of the SNS and reduced activity of the PNS constitutes the underlying pathology in CFS/FMS Brown & Gerbarg, 2004; Stein & Hunter, 2004.

Low respiratory sinus arrhythmia RSA and low heart rate variability HRV have been associated with FMS and CFS Martinez-Lavin, Hermosillo, Rosas, & Soto, 1998. In a study of orthostatic and mental stress, 28 FMS patients showed hyporeactive SNS response when compared with 15 controls Friederich, Schellberg, Mueller, Bieber, Zipfel et al.

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