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In my conflict model species becomes our core notion. Like Darwin we do not try to define the essence of a given cultural or political species. Hence there is no evaluation of what the true yoga form is and what are the unlucky derivatives/satellites which are not really yoga.

Discourses function as storage and transmission of information – their cultural DNA. Thus there is a critical element of cultural memory ‘ within discourses. Memory is as we all know very, very fragile. How do we stop it from fading? It is often said within the yoga discourse that this has been solved by the yoga tradition’, which through history successfully has stored and transmitted the cultural memory of yoga. This cultural history of yoga argues that such a claim is an ideological myth. This book de-constructs the sign tradition ‘ as coded with power discourses. It replaces tradition ‘ with the sociological notions like discourse field’, cultural field’ and habitus’. Below I have summarised the alternative view to tradition ‘ that is underlying the argumentation of this book. As we know cultural memory is often stored in writings. Let us investigate yoga memory and writing.

For more stretch in the back leg, remove the bolster Yoga poses for weight loss for beginners and lift your torso higher. 1For more stretch in the front leg, lean forward toward Yoga poses for weight loss for beginnersthe chair. 1In either case, keep your pelvis square to Yoga poses for weight loss for beginners the front. 1While holding the pose, breathe and fully stretch through your spine and legs Yoga poses for weight loss for beginners , even into your feet. Most people feel the most intense stretch in the buttock of the front leg. 1To exit the pose, roll toward the right and bring your left leg forward. 1Repeat on the other side. Rest in this pose with your legs symmetrical Follow the instructions on s 93-94, with this addition: put a belt loosely around your legs, either just above or just below the knees, to keep the legs more parallel.

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