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In modernist spiritual discourse religion has instead been privatised to an interior experience of the divine (Heelas & Woodhead 2001). Most sociologists see this internalisation as a defining aspect of modernity. It is further believed by many that this internal reality (the spiritual’) can be accessed, especially by using Oriental spiritual practices’ (yoga, Tantra, Buddhism).

One person had ever-increasing scoliosis and was unable to Yoga poses to weight loss endure surgical corrections, partially because of limited breathing due to the scoliosis. We thought at Yoga poses to weight loss least we could slow the process of further curvature and possibly just possibly stop it.

After two years of faithful daily postures, another scoliosis film showed a decrease of the curvature from ninety-three to fifty-three degrees. Then her moderately scoliotic daughter, a yoga teacher as luck would have it, learned the postures and reduced her curve to nearly zero in three months.

Since then we have had a number of successes, and one unfortunate but informative episode. A teenager reduced her S-shaped curves from twenty-four and eighteen degrees to twelve and eight degrees with three months of hard and faithful work. Then she got a boyfriend, started smoking, and quit doing yoga. Within three months her curves had returned to twenty-four and eighteen degrees.

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