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The two conflicting liberation discourses of HYP

We have seen in the previous chapters of the HYP that it is torn between various discourses creating confusion and inconsistencies. Similarly we have seen in the last chapter on samadhi that there is a clash between the goals of practice: siddhi (immortality) versus liberation in samadhi (the jivan-mukti aspect of the hatha-yoga discourse as discussed earlier).

The final chapter highlights that even within the notion of liberation there are discourse conflicts. There seem to be two conflicting sign systems or models giving various meanings to liberation. Reading this final chapter about samadhi, it is evident that the old ascetic-wisdom and monotheistic discourses are increasingly introduced to orientate and signify the goal of practice (as for instance in the medieval raja-yoga discourse). Here liberation is seen as happening in samadhi. We could translate samadhi in the context of HYP with still mind’. Still mind’ allows the transcendent cosmic consciousness’ – for instance Siva – to emerge. We could label this the samadhi discourse of liberation.

Subjects reported that they derived the greatest subjective benefits from CoQ10 Yoga poses against the wall 69% of 13 subjects, dehydroepiandrosterone DHEA 65% of 17 subjects, and ginseng 56 Yoga poses against the wall % of 18 subjects. Treatments at six months that predicted subsequent fatigue improvement were vitamins p=.08, vigorous exercise p=.09, and yoga p=. Yoga appeared to be most effective for people who did not have unclear thinking associated with their fatigue. Magnesium and support groups were associated with worsening fatigue Bentler, Hartz, & Kuhn, 2005. Paul Lehrer and colleagues developed a method to use heart rate variability feedback to teach resonant breathing at the optimal rate for respiratory-cardiovascular function usually 5 to 6 breaths per minute; see Chapter 3. Twelve women with fibromyalgia completed 10 weekly sessions of HRV biofeedback to learn to breathe at their resonant frequency RF.

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