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The third group was treated three times a week with unipolar Yoga poses visual electroshock therapy. At the end of four weeks, the patients were retested, using the Yoga poses visual Hamilton Depression Scale and the Beck Depression Inventory. The group given SKY breath training showed as much improvement in their depression scores as the group given imipramine. SKY and imipramine groups did almost as well as the electroshock group Janakiramaiah, Gangadhar, Murthy, Harish, Subbakrishna et al., 2000.

One limitation was that the method of group assignment was not reported. The practice of SKY was found to increase serum levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor, an indicator of neuroplasticity Pan, Liao, Jiang, Wang, & Huang, 2006. In a randomized controlled trial of depressed patients, A-Min Huang and colleagues found that SKY practice increased BDNF and that the increase correlated with improvement in depression Pan, Brown, Gerbarg, Liao, Jiang et al.

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