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No adverse events were noted. Hatha Yoga Hatha Yoga focuses Yoga poses vinyasa on yoga postures coordinated with breath practices. In a naturalistic study, 87 college students volunteered Yoga poses vinyasa to take a class in swimming, Hatha Yoga which included postures and breathing, or lectures on health. Those who engaged in yoga showed greater acute decreases in scores for anger, tension, and fatigue than those in the swim class or the leading control group Berger & Owen, 1992. Caution should be used in extrapolating findings in normal populations to patients diagnosed with depression. Qigong Qigong is an ancient Chinese and Korean practice, which includes meditation, breath exercises, and body movements. Qi translates as vital energy and breath. The word gong means work.

This should lead us to some reflections. Maybe the liberation efforts highlighted by our modernistic filtering played no significant role in daily yoga culture? The primary function that the holy yoga scriptures had in relation to daily life was as transmitters of social symbolic communication? With good reason we can wonder if yoga texts like the YS primary were totems – objects generating a social field of difference, meaning and status for those having them in their possession? We can further wonder if the inner technical world of the texts was largely unknown – except by an insignificant elite? Perhaps what counted was instead the symbolic world of the texts – their power to differentiate and give people a social identity in life?

The lack of critique and cross-disciplinary studies

What comes to mind in much modernist yoga discourse is the lack of critical investigation of the issues discussed above. Such accommodating attitudes are often termed dominant reading’ or hegemonic reading’ (the reader is reproducing the codes and ideology of the texts). Unlike in Buddhism, the reader does not find, much epistemological and ideological critique of the YS. It is not that philosophical critique – counter-hegemonic reading’ or oppositional reading’ – does not exist, but it has not found its way into the yoga discourse.

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