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Failed to pass her law boards because of depression, procrastination Yoga poses video clips , and obsessive thinking. During college she had suffered three episodes of major depression with premenstrual Yoga poses video clips mood exacerbations. Although partially improved on SSRIs Prozac, Zoloft, and Paxil, she hated the side effects, which included a 50-pound weight gain and sexual dysfunction. Although she was quite attractive, Ms. W. had never had a close boyfriend. She worked on relationship issues during three years of psychoanalysis.

There is still a clear emphasis on the philosophical and meditative aspects of the YS. This is not surprising, as it is a daunting and challenging task to make sense of these aspects of YS. What is similarly clear, however, is that the aspects of the supernatural powers, the rituals, the magical, and the chanting are de-emphasised. Why does this matter?

It shows that the YS is still exposed to strong modernistic filtering. Imagine that the main interest of the YS, as it was compiled, was those low-prioritised aspects; that the meditation aspect did not bother people at that time – what counted was the magic, the power, the rituals; and that the compiler only included the meditative aspects – which he possibly did not understand – because for some reason he felt obliged to do so. We do not know the answer to this problem of relevance.

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