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Yoga for Depression A review of research evidence for depression found Yoga poses upside down that five randomized controlled trials of yoga for depression reported positive findings. However, some methodological Yoga poses upside down details were missing in these reports. An optimistic but cautious interpretation of these studies was suggested Pilkington, Kirkwood, Rampes, & Richardson, 2005.

Yoga can bring positive changes in mood not only to people suffering from clinical depression but also to healthy normals. For example, a study of 71 normal adults compared visualization and relaxation techniques with 30 minutes of yoga postures and breathing techniques. Participants in the yoga group experienced significantly greater improvements in mental and physical energy, alertness, enthusiasm, and positive mood Wood, 1993.

In a pilot study, 113 psychiatric inpatients participated in a Hatha Yoga-based 45-minute program once a week. Classes focused on slow, gentle stretching and strengthening exercises with attention focused on deep breathing, awareness of body sensations, and relaxation.

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