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There was no relationship between baseline DHEA-sulfate serum levels Yoga poses upper back and response rates. However, among the patients given DHEA, those whose DHEA-sulfate Yoga poses upper back levels rose by 100% or more had a significantly higher rate of response 70%. There was a high degree of acceptance of DHEA supplementation and a low dropout rate.

DHEA side effects were comparable to placebo. Because there is wide variation in the content and quality of over-the-counter DHEA supplements, the investigators used micronized DHEA prepared by a pharmacy with documented content. 7-Keto DHEA for PTSD and Bipolar Disorder Sageman and Brown 2006a reported five cases of women with severe chronic post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD due to childhood abuse who remained highly symptomatic and unresponsive to many years of cognitive behavioral therapy and psychotropic medications.

Prior to treatment, three of the women were tested and found to have low DHEA-sulfate levels. All three showed marked improvement in mood and symptoms of PTSD as well as rapid progress in interpersonal and vocational functioning when treated with 25-50 mg/day 7-keto DHEA.

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