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Genital Sexuality As the Source of Trauma for the Child

Between 1906 and 1908, Freud analyzed a child born in yoga poses 1903 using a psycho-analytically informed type of intervention adapted to what can be done with a child. It is the case of Little Hans. When he was three years old, a little sister was born. His father explained to him that she was a gift from a stork. However, children are not stupid. They know that funny things happen in yoga poses the parent’s bedroom when father is there, because they cannot sleep with mama on those nights. They have seen their mother’s belly blow up like a balloon and then deflate as soon as the sister arrived. They have perhaps seen a calf come out from between the legs of a cow or a stallion mount a mare. But they have no tools to explain what they see. Consequently, they invent some fanciful explications. Hans told himself that children come out of the mother’s belly like poop and that he is probably a bit of special poop. If he would have seen his father put his penis between his mother’s legs, he would have maybe imagined that his father was urinating. in yoga poses brief, he fabricates for himself an unsavory image of sexual life and his origins, which he prefers to repress to continue to value what goes on in yoga poses his home and to value himself. Freud analyzes an entire series of events of this type that lead to a manifest phobia when Hans was five years old a phobia of horses that Freud ends up healing.

Freud then supposed that when the child grows up and falls in yoga poses love, the present events resonate with what is repressed. The infantile imagery concerning sexuality becomes more intense. The defense system has more work. A whirlwind of ambivalent and anxious thoughts inexplicably invade the consciousness. The individual’s behavior becomes increasingly inappropriate. Symptoms arise. The relationship with the loved one becomes less pleasant and sometimes impossible. The individual feels anxious but is able to continue to function as before. Within a conflicted life of this type, a particularly intense one, symptomatic hysteria can come about.68 in yoga poses this example, there is no abuse, but there is an inability to manage what is perceived in yoga poses a constructive fashion. Freud concluded that the best way to prevent a neurosis is a good sexual education. The sexual trauma is thus mostly a psychological phenomenon that constructs itself around a weakness of the mind rather that around real traumatic events.

This new elaboration of the traumatizing aspect of sexual life already began in yoga poses 1895 when Freud noticed that there is no initial trauma for what he calls the anxiety neuroses.69 This type of neurosis blends (as does hysteria) physical symptoms (excessive cardiac palpitations, respiratory and digestive problems, bodily shaking and trembling, cravings, vertigo, etc.) and mental symptoms (fear and anxiety), but they are caused by other mechanisms. The anxiety neuroses can also have a sexual cause. But it consists this time of recurring frustrating behaviors. For example, as there was no reliable form of contraception at the time, a husband would withdraw before ejaculating when he made love, to avoid having a child. This is the model that Freud uses henceforth to analyze most of the neurotic problems.

In his 1900 The Interpretation of Dreams, Freud shows that his treatment is always founded on an exploration of the unconscious: [For] certain psychopathological structures hysterical phobias, obsessive ideas, and so on unraveling them coincided with removing them If a pathological idea of this sort can be traced back to the elements in yoga poses the patient’s mental life from which it originated, it simultaneously crumbles away and the patient is freed from them. (1900, II, 100)

However, it now consists, as the case of Hans so well illustrates, in yoga poses analyzing the meanderings of the false reasoning that are lodged in yoga poses destructive ways in yoga poses the mental life of an individual. It now consists of undertaking a reconstruction of the psyche that permits more lucidity and more self-confidence and confidence in yoga poses one’s surroundings. This exploration fosters the reconstruction of a person’s history so as to understand how the inadequate schemata that constituted an imagined personal history came about and stabilized.

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