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Dominance and Aggression

In this section, I give an account of a series of works that describe the existence of servomechanisms that connect social structure, behavior, and individual biochemical dynamics.


In the 1960s at Yale University, neurophysiologist Jose Manuel Rodriguez Delgado 122 studied the way that certain nerve centers participated in yoga poses the hierarchical organization in yoga poses a tribe of baboons. At the time, the hierarchy among baboons was perceived in yoga poses a relatively caricatured fashion. The rigidity of the mechanisms observed can be partially explained by the fact that numerous studies were based on the observation of animals in yoga poses captivity. A tribe of monkeys is seen as having a dominant male when he has all of the rights to the food and the available females, whereas at the other extreme, some males content themselves with leftovers and masturbation.123 The other males find themselves between these extremes. The hierarchical position is determined by one’s ability to win a fight against other members. in yoga poses this game, the chief is the strongest. The females were rarely studied.

Delgado benefited from the use of wireless electrodes, which could be controlled from afar. Delgado placed a painless electrode in yoga poses an area of the brain of a male that allows for the regulation of the amount of aggression.124 The lever that controls this electrode was placed in yoga poses the cage in yoga poses which this baboon lives. One of the females who also lives in yoga poses this cage learned to use the lever to reduce the aggression and dominance of this male. Certain behavioral signs associated with dominance (or lack of dominance) in yoga poses this male are stereotypical (always the same). For example, when he can use all of his aggression, he threatens and often bites those around him When the female presses down on the lever, the male accosts her in yoga poses a friendlier manner.

Delgado also placed electrodes in yoga poses dominated monkeys. When their aggression had been stimulated, they used more dominating behaviors, gained respect more often, but they did not become the leaders of the tribe. in yoga poses these observations, two facts indicate that it does not consist of a simple direct relationship between nerve centers, aggression and social dominance:

1. There are several nerve centers that can be stimulated to obtain this effect. This brings us back to the notion of circuits.

2. The reinforcement of aggression by an electrode does not make it possible for a monkey to have the know-how necessary to acquire the status of a dominant monkey. This implies that the circuit passes through other mechanisms of the body and the mind and by social circuits, like those that lead another to accept an aggressive monkey as the dominant one.

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