Yoga poses for three people

The fruits of your labor mani- fest more readily if Yoga poses for three people you are not eagerly anticipating them. Gradually, your entire life will become a strong, Yoga poses for three people positive, quiet form of meditation. As you gain ability to control your ordinary mind through meditation, you will find that your life changes accordingly.

Situations and conditions lose their power to disturb you, to make you restless, to cause suffering and confusion. It is not a question of solvingproblems; it becomes a matter of problems ceasing to arise because the ordinary mind which manufactures the problems becomes less active, less frantic.

All of the states of mind and spirit that you have heard of in connection with truth,love,brotherhood,spirit,Godare realized through meditation. If you are serious about the study of Yoga or related studies, you will meditate as often as possible, utilizing one or more of the techniques you have learned. You will allow nothing to deter you from these practices.

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