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John’s Wort reduced the intensity of her orgasms. Yoga poses with straps She settled on a compromise, using 300 mg/day St. John’s Wort Yoga poses with straps and increasing to 600 mg/day when under pressure to write legal documents. With her weight down to 125 pounds and her anxiety under better control, Ms. W. discontinued Meridia and buspirone. She continued taking SAMe, R. rosea, and St.

The modernist yoga discourse of the classical yoga ‘ tradition

Based on the last part of the chapter on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, readers may wonder why there is today so much talk – a discourse – about classical yoga’ and a tradition’ placing the YS at the centre of the canon of that alleged philosophical tradition’. Most readers would have concluded that a few commentaries struggling to understand the YS plus some spread references to the YS in other text sources, hardly make a philosophical tradition.

To answer that, according to Mark Singleton in his paper The Classical Reveries of Modern Yoga (2008), we have to jump forward in time to between 1850 and 1900 AD. At that time European Orientalists and Hindu nationalists conducted half a dozen translation projects of the YS. It was within this discourse that the ideas of a classical yoga’ and tradition’ appeared. It was, according to Singleton, all part of a major undertaking showing the magnificence of ancient Indian culture to the West.

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