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When the disciple is able to sustain the focus of his attention on the buddhic plane during meditation and identify with the ashram, he then in a sense becomes the ashram looking through his causal body and focusing a small piece of the ashram’s store of spiritual purpose on the mental plane.

We must also remember that human souls do not operate independently and thus there is also a collective process that occurs in the life of humanity as a result of this progressive soul liberation. This process allows the ‘eye of God’, our Planetary Logos, to ‘look more fully into his creation.’ Let me illustrate by an example:

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The buddhic plane is related to the whole theme of spiritual vision. The ashrams found there are like great ‘eyes’ through which the events in the three worlds can be perceived by Hierarchy and through which the Will of Shamballa may be directed. One of the functions of those who are consciously souls incarnated in the three worlds and therefore part of Hierarchy is to keep the outer rings of the eye functioning. The Third Degree initiates, as outer workers of the ashram, focus the eye through their manifested work in the three worlds. When they teach, write and express the energy of Hierarchy they create a double channel for the flowing in of Hierarchical power and simultaneously a ‘window’ through which the Masters can perceive.

It is the Will of the Fifth Degree initiate wielding atma from the atmic plane that is able to penetrate through the ashramic eye, held open by the Fourth Degree initiates and then focused through the work of the Third Degree initiates in the world. The atmic plane is the plane of the Libran Hierarchy, the triads, and therefore the source of Justice and Light Supernal. Justice would indeed be blind without the ashramic eyes upon the buddhic plane. The Master’s ‘will’ at the centre of an ashram is in fact a spiritual principle resulting from his growing identification with Shamballa. This principle is experienced by the initiate in the world as a ‘fixed immoveable will’, and it is the expression of this will through some project or initiative in one of the seed group areas that the energies of the soul of the planet may pour.

The Third Degree initiate is focused upon the direction of Hierarchical energy in the three worlds. This focus eventually liberates his consciousness from the three worlds altogether. A Fifth Degree initiate is focused upon the direction of spiritual will within the realms of the spiritual triad. Thus the link between the Fifth, Third and First Degree initiates carries the will of the Master all the way down to the physical plane and it is this link that will eventually result in the clarification and mastery of the three worlds of the planetary personality by the planetary soul. The Second, Fourth and Sixth Degree initiates are also linked in another way. Each of these initiations sounds the keynote of duality, while those upon the odd numbers sound the note of synthesis. The initiate on the even number is acutely aware of the ‘dual movement of energies’. The result of this awareness is the maintenance of a point of equilibrised tension. It is this that guides the group of Fourth Degree initiates in their maintenance of the ‘open eye’ of the buddhic ashram. In times of great tension the ‘pupil’ of the eye is constricted. This constriction has a peculiar by-product however, in that it allows for a much deeper penetration of the inpouring energies into form, and conversely it allows those on the highest planes of the solar system to become aware of those upon the lowest. The ‘light of Shamballa’ is focused like a laser and is able to penetrate into the depths of matter. The creation of the atomic bomb during the crisis of the Second World War was a direct result of this ‘focusing’. The massed appeal to the “Lords of Liberation” was made possible by reflex action.

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