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The efficacy of 5-HTP in depression has been reviewed Yoga poses sequence Das et al., 2004; Turner, Loftis, & Blackwell, 2006. Out of Yoga poses sequence 27 studies reviewed, 11 were double-blind placebo-controlled. Of these 11 studies, 7 reported that 5-HTP performed better than placebo, with only 5 of these showing statistical significance. Several studies have shown that the addition of 5-HTP to prescription antidepressants such as nialamide, clomipramine, and nomifensin significantly improved antidepressant response. The average dosage of 5-HTP in adults is 200-300 mg/day given in divided doses BID or TID. Overall, studies suggest that 5-HTP may have limited benefit for depression with some support for its use as an augmentation. Side Effects, Risks, and Interactions of 5-HTP Common side effects with 5-HTP include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Scholars could reply that it is not their job as Sanskrit experts to conduct cross-disciplinary studies. However, it is a serious limitation which could mislead the research. Imagine to give an example which might be provocative, that we studied the reports of people who claim that they had been kidnapped and kept imprisoned by aliens in spaceships for prolonged periods. We could of course limit our studies to describe, systematise, classify, and compare these experiences. We would do that in order to find the truth about aliens’, their spaceships’ interior, their habits and language, their treatments of and relationships to humans.

It is evident that such research restricting itself to the inside of the alien kidnappers discourse risks missing the point of what such kidnapping accounts are about. Only adopting a critical attitude, engaging with psychology, sociology, politics and history, would allow us to explore the outside of the kidnapping discourse, which might give a rather different picture of what is happening.

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