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Less frequent side effects include headache and insomnia. Rodent studies Yoga poses savasana have shown that doses below 50 mg/kg/day produce no toxicity, but above Yoga poses savasana 100 mg/kg/day induce serotonin syndrome. No cases of serotonin syndrome have been reported in humans using 5-HTP alone or in combination with SSRIs. Studies combining 5-HTP with MAOIs report no adverse effects.

The use of a peripheral decarboxylase inhibitor such as levodopa may increase the level of 5-HTP in serum 14-fold Gijsman, Van Gerven, de Kam, Schoemaker, Pieters et al., 2002. N-Acetylcysteine for Bipolar Disorder N-acetylcysteine NAC is a precursor for the synthesis of glutathione, the most important antioxidant in the brain. In animal studies, oral administration of NAC over time increased peripheral glutathione levels, protected against depletion of glutathione, and reduced markers of oxidative stress.

A yoga discourse rooted in the past or the present?

Modernity, the cultural field and its guru

Colonial modernist yoga is a hybrid modernist yoga discourse in the socio-cultural sense of the word. Its roots are not hatha-yoga or the Yoga Sutra, but primarily physical culture discourses, British military training, wrestling, Orientalist writings, Romanticism, Hindu nationalism, modern science, ideas about character building and Protestant esotericism and so on. It is a true hybrid brought together by the colonial Indian middle classes.

This Colonial cultural conglomerate of course also contained cultural habitus unique to India, which I have not discussed much in this chapter. There is a lack of cultural sociological studies of India’s cultural habitus around 1900. How much was left of unique Indian cultural and social habitus after first Muslim and the European rule? How much was left of for instance Brahmanism, rural Tantra and caste systems and how much had these habitus changed during centuries of foreign rule?

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