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Studies of B vitamins and folate as solo treatments for depression Yoga poses routine have shown mixed results. However, a group of 14 geriatric patients being treated with tricyclic Yoga poses routine antidepressants showed improved response when B complex B1, B2, and B6 and folate were added Bell, Edman, Morrow, Marby, Perrone et al. 1992.

The discovery that nonresponse to antidepressant medication was associated with low levels of folate led to a double-blind randomized placebo-controlled study of 127 patients on fluoxetine Prozac supplemented with either 400 mcg/day of folate or placebo Coppen & Bailey, 2000.

Of the women given fluoxetine plus folate, 94% had a good response versus 61% of those given fluoxetine plus placebo. In addition to polymorphism, other factors that may reduce folate levels include chronic disease, diabetes, cancer, smoking, alcohol use, poor diet, and medications such as mood stabilizers, L-dopa, statin drugs, oral antidiabetic drugs, and chemotherapy drugs.

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Methylfolate and B vitamins are generally quite safe and low in side effects. Allergic reactions may occur.

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