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Additional sources of small amounts of ALA include nuts, seeds Yoga poses relaxation , and canola or flaxseed oil. Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Depression Data suggest that Yoga poses relaxation the substitution of omega-6FAs for omega-3FAs in cell membranes is associated with unipolar and bipolar depression. This may be due to loss of membrane fluidity and flexibility affecting membrane proteins enzymes, receptors, ion channels with changes in neurotransmission as well as increased eicosanoids and proinflammatory cytokines. A study of 12 bipolar women found that those treated with omega-3FA showed significant improvement in membrane flexibility Hirashima, Parrow, Stoll, Demopulos, Damico et al.. A dose of 2-3 g total omega-3FA per day, including a 2:1 ratio of EPA to DHA, may augment the antidepressant effect of medication in many cases. Parker and colleagues 2006 wrote an excellent review of studies on omega-3FA for depression. The mixed results found in these studies may reflect differences in the dose and proportions of EPA and DHA, patient selection, and other factors.

In this chapter, late colonial Indian modernist yoga discourse has – in opposition to how it presents itself – not been explained as abstract systems of ideas and practices growing out of a timeless pure tradition of faithful transference from guru to student. Rather colonial modernist yoga has been shown to grow out of India’s political and social situation – its emerging institutions, habitus and cultural fields. We have seen how new concepts of colonial modernist yoga discourse were invented in a dialectical exchange (mutually influencing and defining) between East and West framed by the conflicts of late colonial India.104

I believe it is important for contemporary modern yoga popularisers and sympathisers to encounter such a critical re-construction of the cultural memory of yoga. This critique puts a question mark at the celebrated assertion in popular yogic discourse, that yoga DNA over generations was faithfully and precisely transferred from guru to student. The guru-student-cloning story’ is not only a romantic fantasy but also an orthodox ideological myth used to create symbolic value, in this case authority and social difference. To explain this let us examine the student side of the relationship.

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