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Imagining the full-time yogis as a high status professional species throws up lot of fruitful questions. How did these professional holy men survive – because even yogic ascetics have to eat! What was their new economic niche – the new cultural field – and what made it possible? How was the cultural field of yoga situated in the overall social hierarchy – did they prey on somebody and who preyed on them? Did the yoga specialists need to cooperate with other social groups in order to sustain their position and capital? What kind of symbolic and cultural capital did they use for economical transactions? Did they face other species competing in their cultural field? How did competitive pressure, changes in the eco-materialistic matrix and upheavals in the politico-social formation influence their lifestyle, ideas and capital?

Another group within the yoga culture are however not full-time. I call them the yoga sympathisers. They are amateurs (lovers of yoga). Typically the yoga professionals dominate the yoga discourse, but under specific historical conditions the amateurs seem to take over. For this sub-species within the yoga culture we will see how social rank and social identity production is as critical, as among the professionals.

Note: The next four poses stretch and strengthen the hips Yoga poses for rapid weight loss and legs. Improving their coordination diminishes stress on the ankles and feet. This strong thigh Yoga poses for rapid weight loss stretch also addresses tightness across the front of the ankle and prepares you for the next pose. Purpose: To stretch the front of the ankles, improve the transverse arch and avoid metatarsalgia. Contraindications: Total hip replacement, medial or lateral meniscal tear, chondromalacia patellae, medial collateral ligamentous sprain, anterior or posterior cruciate ligamentous sprain, ankle sprain. Props: A yoga mat, a block, a blanket or two, two washcloths. Avoiding pitfalls: Experiment to get the right combination of support to stretch your ankles and knees. Avoid sharp pain.

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