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In the midst of all this confusion, where are YOU Yoga poses during pregnancy ? At this point, you may assert: But I know that I have bad habits Yoga poses during pregnancy , bad traits, bad qualities. Shouldn’t I try to rid myself of these negative things?Of course you should,answers the Yogi, but you must understand what you are doing, otherwise your efforts are completely misdirected.

He implies that since you do not understand the nature of the I to begin with; since you do not know from where he came, or where he is now, or if he is real at all; since you know next to nothing of this shadow called the I, how can you make use of him to fix himself up?

The serious error which is being made by so many people, especially in our age of psychology, psychiatry and self-improvement, lies in the attempt to investigate the I, the ordinary mind, so that they may analyze its nature and how to cope with it. But this type of investigation is what the Yogi would mean by misdirected effort,because what takes place is that the ordinary mind is being investigated by the ordinary mind.

This is like the dog trying to catch his own tail. The ordinary mind can never determine the nature of the ordinary mind. Thus we may conclude that everything which strengthens the illusion of the / prevents us from functioning at the center of the circle where the self is transcended and where our true peace and security lie. £ut here a-gain, one must always be aware that the ordinary mind cannot truly conceive of the nature of real peace and security, because the ordinary mind thinks of such things only in relation to their opposites, in this instance, restlessness and insecurity.

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