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When his wife, Amelia, reported that he wasn’ Yoga poses neck pain t eating or sleeping well, that he seemed tired, and that he had no interest Yoga poses neck pain in visiting their friends, his neurologist arranged a psychiatric evaluation.

Amelia guided Leonard to a chair where he sat staring at the floor, expressionless and disinterested, giving perfunctory responses when questioned. His history included hypertension, coronary artery disease, right bundle branch block, and hyperlipidemia.

He was on three antihypertensive medications plus statins. Levodopa depletes brain stores of SAMe. Depletion of SAMe is probably one of the causes of depression in patients with Parkinson’s, and high doses of SAMe may alleviate their depression. The following considerations were weighed in deciding to treat Leonard: Parkinson’s patients do not respond well to standard antidepressants. Levodopa tends to deplete central nervous system SAMe.

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