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However, her premenstrual syndrome and obsessive symptoms persisted. It Yoga poses with names took six months to assess the effects of SAMe about 60% improvement in depression. The Yoga poses with names discontinuation of citalopram only partially relieved the sexual dysfunction. The second layer of treatment, the addition of Rhodiola rosea 600 mg/day, restored the patient’s sexual function to normal. She began actively looking for men using the Internet and speed dating, in which singles briefly meet numerous potential partners. Coincidentally, the R. rosea markedly relieved her anxiety.

It was the ambition of this Orientalist and Neo-Hindu discourse to present Indian high-caste religio-philosophy as equivalent to rational Greek philosophy. As Greek philosophy was seen to be the cornerstone of Western science, this would prove that the wisdom of ancient India was in accordance with Western Science which it predated (Singleton 2008, Liberman 2008). By applying the word classical’ to the six darsanas, these texts were expected to be treated with similar respect and admiration to the Greek classical text tradition. As the European Renaissance and humanism had rediscovered and been inspired by the classical Greek tradition, so the world was now once more to excavate and learn from a similar zenith of brilliant intellectual and rational endeavours. Once more, the yoga discourse had become a Totem associated with images, signs, imitations, and agendas of a specific historical sign system.

In this modernist religio-philosophical spin – or discourse – the YS was constructed as a rather rational and yet mystical philosophical treatise. In the midst of opaque and knotty verses the reader was guided towards a rational core. Hence, in this discourse the vibhuti aspect of yoga – its supernatural powers – was downplayed and defined as a distraction. The same deemphasis happened to all the Brahmin rituals in the YS.

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