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The patient may just sit in a chair unless prompted by Yoga poses named after birds others to move. It is not well known that levodopa L-dopa depletes brain stores Yoga poses named after birds of SAMe. In addition to the depressive reaction to having a debilitating illness, the depletion of SAMe is probably one of the causes of depression in patients with Parkinson’s. When depression occurs with Parkinson’s, it is highly resistant to treatment with standard antidepressants.

In a double-blind crossover study of 21 patients with Parkinson’s disease, depression improved significantly in 8 of the patients given SAMe 1,200 mg/day Carrieri, Indaco, & Gentile, 1990. Depression also improved in 11 out of 13 subjects in an open series of Parkinson’s patients given SAMe 1,600-4,000 mg/day Di Rocco, Rogers, Brown, Werner, & Bottiglieri, 2000.

At these doses, some cases also showed improvement in neurological symptoms such as dyskinesias. Case 3 Depression and Parkinson’s Leonard, a 68-year-old retired lawyer, had been treated with levodopa for the past three years for Parkinson’s disease.

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