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The boy was willing because SAMe was presented as a natural Yoga poses namaste substance that was already made in the body. When the dose was raised to 800 mg Yoga poses namaste in the morning and 400 mg after school, his mood, energy, and school performance returned to his baseline before the depression. Quality and Potency of SAMe Brands SAMe rapidly interacts with other molecules in hundreds of essential metabolic pathways. It is the most avid methyl donor in the body. SAMe also rapidly oxidizes when exposed to air. In order to stabilize this highly interactive substance, SAMe is combined with a salt molecule and the tablets are given an enteric coating. The quality of the SAMe and of the tablet is critical for maintaining potency over time. If the manufacturing is flawed, tablets lose most of their potency while sitting on shelves.

BKS Iyengar

Perfectionist adapting poses to modem bodies Skilled writer HLight on yoga became a biblc Promoted by Indian elite His style dominated West until 1990s Today Guru status and corporate manager of worldwide centres

Today Iyengar is treated as a guru by many of his students and he runs his Iyengar centres worldwide with the firm hand of corporate identity. In other words Iyengar also had the management skills to set up an international corporation, which Indira Devi never achieved. This was probably one of the decisive factors behind his success. His teaching style was extremely accurate, where every body part and every single muscle was aligned according to exact definition. There was a strong sense of military discipline in the poses – often one moved into the poses with gymnastic jumping jacks and froze like a soldier standing straight. 98 Iyengar developed a whole set of tools and techniques, enabling unfit students to approach the demanding poses slowly. Many of these techniques were lifted out of the wrestling tradition (Sjoman 1999).

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