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She opted to continue Effexor while adding SAMe 400 mg twice Yoga poses muscles a day. On this combination, there were no side effects. Her mood improved and Yoga poses muscles she felt able to handle the challenges at work. Depression, Arthritis, and Fibromyalgia Patients with arthritis often suffer from depression exacerbated by the multiple stressors of chronic progressive pain, disrupted sleep, aging, increased debilitation, and side effects from anti-inflammatory and pain medications. Twelve studies have shown that SAMe has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects in osteoarthritis. Six studies reported that SAMe improved both depression and pain in patients with fibromyalgia at doses equivalent to 800 mg/day with no side effects Ernst, 2003; Grassetto & Varatto, 1994; Ianiello, Ostuni, Sfriso, et al., 1994; Tavoni, Vitali, Bombardieri, & Pasero, 1987. For a more detailed discussion, see Chapter 8.

End Notes

Sect means here a small, voluntary and enthusiastic religious community with doctrinal conformity and is not to be used as in Western tradition where it means a splinter group breaking out from the main church. For a discussion on religious movements’ see Lorenzen (2004)

For an overview of modern ascetic sects and their historical origin see (the detailed table of) Michaels (2004). See also the sociologist Ghurye (1953). Another good historical overview and anthropological study of Sadhus is by Gross (1992).

See the sociologist Ghurye and the anthropologist Gross – as quoted in the note above. Hindu asceticism here becomes an anti-institution assimilating the social spill over of a rigid society.

A good discussion is found in Cope (1999).

Another recent example of a too broad understanding of yoga is found in Connolly (2007). Larson (2008) similarly criticises such an approach.

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