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Depression and Liver Disease Patients with liver diseases often have comorbid Yoga poses modifications depression that may be primary, secondary to the hepatic dysfunction, or due to medications being Yoga poses modifications used to treat the medical condition interferon for viral hepatitis or HIV/AIDS. Moreover, psychotropic medications, particularly SSRIs, can cause elevations of liver function tests LFTs or exacerbate preexisting liver dysfunction. Alcohol abuse depletes the liver of SAMe and causes the oxidative stress that contributes to tissue damage. Numerous studies have shown that SAMe improves liver function and reverses biochemical markers abnormal LFTs in patients with cirrhosis or hepatitis due to alcohol, drugs, toxins, infections, or gallstones including during pregnancy; Frezza, Centini, Cammareri, Le Grazie, & Di Padova, 1990; Friedel, Goa, & Benfield, 1989; Lieber, 1999; Mato et al.

In a two-year double-blind randomized placebo-controlled DBRPC study of alcohol-induced liver cirrhosis, Childs Class A and B cases, SAMe 1,200 mg/day increased survival and delayed the need for liver transplants Mato, Camara, Fernandez de Paz, Caballeria, Coll et al., 1999. SAMe also prevented increases in liver enzymes and restored liver functions to normal in patients treated with antiseizure medications and MAOIs Prescription antidepressant medications, particularly SSRIs, can cause elevated liver functions, especially in patients who have less than normal liver reserves due to previous injury, such as alcohol abuse or hepatitis. Many cases of undiagnosed hepatitis are discovered when LFTs become elevated in patients placed on SSRIs for depression.

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