Yoga poses during menstruation

As you continue to ask yourself, Who am I? Yoga poses during menstruation for several minutes each time you work with this technique, you gradually come to realize that Yoga poses during menstruation all of the facts and figures of the ordinary mind regarding the entity which it has built into the I are only statistics and that none of these statistics are able to touch the heart of the matter. They cannot provide you with a true answer to this strange question. This is not an intellectual problem, a puzzle or a riddle to be solved through ingenuity.

This is a technique which attempts to elicit an experience. As you continue to ask the questions, the ordinary mind itself begins to realize its inability to provide a true answer. This realization is of paramount importance, but the process cannot be accelerated through intellectual reasoning; it takes place during the patient practice of the exercise. The ordinary mind, being very clever and tricky, will attempt to convince you in every possible way of the uselessness and waste of time in asking this question. But if you persevere, you will find this to be one of the most revealing methods with which to expose the false and illusionary nature of what we call our self and of pointing the way to the center of the circle.

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