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Discontinuation of the prescription antidepressant and initiation of SAMe usually restores Yoga poses male LFTs to normal range. For mildly elevated LFTs, use SAMe 800 mg in the morning Yoga poses male except in bipolar patients. In bipolar patients, Ease-2 or Ease-Plus, Chinese herbal preparations containing bupleurum, may be used. Hepatoprotective effects of Bupleurum kaoi include anti-inflammatory, antifibrotic, enhanced glutathione production, and liver cell regeneration Yen, Weng, Liu, Chai, & Lin, 2005. For sharp increases or LFTs greater than three times normal, use SAMe 1,2001,600 mg/day enhanced with polyenolphosphatidylcholine. SAMe is depleted during the conversion of phosphatidyl-ethanolamine to phosphatidylcholine see Figure 2.1. Taking polyenolphosphatidylcholine replenishes phosphatidylcholine supplies, reducing the consumption of SAMe.

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Bourdieu produced around 600 texts and most are somewhat difficult to interpret. However there are today several good introductions to his central notions – see Schwartz (1997), Grenfell (2012), Webb, Shirato and Danaher (2002) and Jenkins (2002).

This label was originally proposed by de Michelis (2004) and criticised by Singleton (2010)

See for instance Merrian Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary online: Yo;g(noun), Sanskrit, Yoking, from yunakti: he yokes). For a historical investigation of the word yoga see S.N. Dasgupta: Yoga Philosophy (1930)

White (2009) shows some of the many meanings yoga had. He says that during the first thousand years or so the word was used in significantly different ways.

See Hausner (2007) and Clark (2004) who give a good anthropological view of modern yogis.

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