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Antidepressants, including SAMe, can trigger hypomania or mania in Yoga poses lying on back patients with bipolar disorder manic-depressive. A diagnosis of bipolar disorder is a strong contraindication Yoga poses lying on back against the use of SAMe.

There have been rare cases in which patients with palpitations have complained of an increase in these irregular heartbeats when given SAMe, although it is generally well tolerated by individuals with cardiovascular disease. However, if it exacerbates symptoms, it should be discontinued. SAMe does not cause sexual side effects, sedation, weight gain, or cognitive interference.

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The absence of these troubling side effects makes SAMe readily acceptable to many clients.

How to Use SAMe in the Treatment of Depression SAMe tends to be an activating antidepressant. It helps to energize patients whose depression is characterized by low energy, tiredness, low motivation, and hypersomnia.

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