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After he had been asymptomatic for three months, SAMe was Yoga poses lotus gradually reduced. Jim experienced no adverse effects and was comfortable staying on a maintenance dose of Yoga poses lotus SAMe 400 mg twice a day.

SAMe Dosages In patients who are elderly or who have medication sensitivities, significant anxiety, gastrointestinal problems, or serious medical conditions, one can start with a test dose of 200 mg SAMe 20 minutes before breakfast for a few days. It this is well tolerated, increase to 400 mg 20 minutes before breakfast for 3-7 days. The rate of increase in SAMe doses depends on your clinical assessment of the patient.

For elderly, frail, or unstable patients, allow more time for increases. If the patient reports side effects, then allow more time to adjust before the next increase. In general, the dose for mild depression is 400-600 mg/day; moderate depression, 600-1,200 mg/day; severe depression, 1,200-1,600 mg/day; very severe treatment-resistant depression, 1,6002,400 mg/day.

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