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Regulatory approval failed to show positive results. These same antidepressants Yoga poses kundalini were later approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration FDA based on other positive studies Yoga poses kundalini . In other words, a negative outcome in a depression study does not necessarily mean that a drug lacks antidepressant efficacy Khan, Khan, Walens, Kolts, & Giller, 2003. Evaluating the quality of evidence for CAM is complex because most rating systems and meta-analyses are limited to substances used as solo treatments and tend to exclude studies of adjunctive treatments. While CAM can be used as a monotherapy, it is often combined with other treatments. Moreover, researchers find it easier to get permission for studies of CAM as an adjunctive rather than as a solo treatment. This chapter discusses methods for understanding and using nutraceuticals, herbs, nutrients, mind-body practices, and exercise in the treatment of mood disorders.

End Notes

The Austrian business magazine Trend describes how the wellness business is classified in the last couple of years as a growth industry creating thousands of jobs : Die Luegen der Wellness Gurus (11/2004).

For a wealth of examples of spiritual marketing, see Lau (2000).

For a left-wing critique of New Age spiritualism, see Carette & King (2004) and Hanegraaff (2008) and for a religio-philosophical critique, see Campbell (2001).

Newcombe (2005) undertook a statistical investigation of Iyengar students in Britain. She found that these women were well educated and even if they had a mystical/spiritual bias they did not define themselves as religious.

There are lively discussions trying to explain the relationship between religion/spirituality and women – see for instance Walter & Davie 1998 and Stark 2002.

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