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Three-year study of members of the Harvard Pilgrim Health Yoga poses kino Care managed care plan found an average noncompliance rate of 75% among patients on antidepressant medications Yoga poses kino Bambauer, Adams, Zhang, Minkoff, Grande et al. Although laziness and disorganization may be factors, we believe that people vote with their feet. Most people stop taking their medication because they feel that what they get out of their pill is not worth putting up with the side effects and costs. If a treatment regimen really makes people feel good, they tend to continue it. Assessing the efficacy of CAM treatments in depression is challenging. Few large-scale randomized, controlled studies have been done. Furthermore, it is difficult in general to obtain clear positive results in depression studies, particularly in outpatients with mild to moderate depression. Approximately 50% of well-controlled studies of prescription antidepressants submitted for U.

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Well-known here are for instance the books of the sociologist P. Berger: The Homeless Mind (1973) and The Sacred Canopy (1967)

The are attempts to answer this in Heelas & Woodhead (2001).

The study of identity is popular in the social sciences today – see for instance Elliott (2007). My comments above are inspired by the sociologist Z. Bauman’s reflections on modern and post-modern identities in books like Bauman (1991, 1993, 1995, 1997).

See Ackerman (2002) for an analysis of different social and cultural reactions to life under modernity.

Interestingly many of modern India’s ascetics were also initially driven by personal or social problems or existential life crises. See Gross (1992), who concludes that asceticism is an anti-structure in a closed society; an institutional solution for those who struggle to integrate. Storr (1996) similarly says that all spiritual gurus initially had a life crisis in which their guru-ness is rooted.

For an introduction to the sociology and psychology of identity and self see Elliott (2007) and Giddens (1991).

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