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It also donates sulfate groups, for example in the synthesis Yoga poses king pigeon of the major antioxidant glutathione Bottiglieri, 2002. Neutraceuticals, herbs, and nutrients can be Yoga poses king pigeon used as first-line treatments for mild to moderate depressions.

Although most severe depressions require antidepressant medication for optimal response during the acute response phase first 2 weeks and for remission 8 weeks, CAM can also help by improving the initial response, increasing the rate and degree of remission, supporting long-term remission, and reducing side effects.

SAMe was shown to be safe and effective for the treatment of major depression in 16 open trials, 13 double-blind placebo-controlled studies, and 19 double-blind controlled trials in comparison to standard antidepressants. For a detailed review of SAMe metabolism and a critique of the research studies, see Brown, Gerbarg, and Bottiglieri 2002. Because SAMe is a natural metabolite more like a vitamin, it is very low in side effects when compared with prescription antidepressants and it has a more rapid onset of action. There are no reported adverse interactions with other medications. In fact, SAMe protects the liver from the toxic effects of other medications.

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