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While a past history of limited treatment response is important, Yoga poses kidney stones the clinician should leave no stone unturned in questioning previous diagnoses and treatments while searching for opportunities Yoga poses kidney stones to help the patient go for the gold. Mood Disorders This chapter explores nutraceuticals, herbs, vitamins, nutrients, hormones, mind-body practices, and multi-layered approaches for the treatment of depression and bipolar disorder. Although the signs and symptoms of depression are well known, it is one of the most undertreated illnesses today. The general consensus has been that combining verbal psychotherapy with medication has been more effective than either treatment alone in the long-term management of depression Pampallona, Bollini, Tibaldi, Kupelnick, & Munizza, 2004.

Prescription antidepressants have become the mainstay of treatment despite the expense, the risks, the side effects, and the limited benefits associated with their use. Studies of antidepressant medications show that fewer than one third of all patients achieve full remission within eight weeks Thase, 2003. Approximately 30% are partial responders and about 30% are non-responders Baghai, Moller, & Rupprecht, 2006. Knowing the method of patient selection and the definition of outcome in antidepressant treatment studies is crucial to understanding why we do not see many patients being cured of depression despite so many reports from double-blind, placebo-controlled studies claiming response rates above 60%.

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