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This applies at the cellular level as well as to the Yoga poses jungle organism as a whole. Energy is generated in mitochondria and stored in energy molecules such as Yoga poses jungle adenosine triphosphate and creatine phosphate. This energy fuels all functions of life including cellular repair. Cells are subject to constant damage from free radicals, radiation, inflammation, infections, toxins, and aging.

Oxygen, nutrients, and energy are required to continuously repair the damage inflicted on cell membranes, mitochondria, DNA, and other cellular components. Prescription antidepressants target specific neurotransmitters involved in mood regulation. Alternative approaches support the optimal functioning of all neurons by ensuring a rich supply of vitamins and nutrients known to support cellular energy production and metabolic pathways, prevent damage to cellular components, reduce excess inflammation and lipid peroxidation, and enhance cellular repair.

Furthermore, through mind-body practices it is possible to increase oxygenation and to shift the chemical and electrical activity of the nervous system toward more integrated, synchronous, and effective functioning with a reduction in energy expenditure.

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