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Ultimately, the single most effective way to prevent liability problems Yoga poses improve posture is to maintain a caring and responsive professional relationship with the patient. SIDEBAR 1.1 Yoga poses improve posture SAMPLE NOTE FOR DOCUMENTATION OF CAM Impressions and Recommendations: The patient has major depression, recurrent moderate causing significant difficulties functioning at work and at home.

Previous trials of 8 prescription antidepressants, including 2 TCAs, 3 SSRIs, venlafaxine, bupropion, mirtazepine, and 2 mood stabilizers have been unsuccessful because of intolerable side effects sedation, weight gain, cognitive impairment, elevated liver enzymes, and sexual dysfunction.

The patient has been informed of the risks and benefits of further medication trials including MAOIs and mood stabilizers. I also discussed the potential risks and benfits of an alternative antidepressant, S-adenosylmethionine SAMe, including nausea, diarrhea, headache, palpitations, insomnia, anxiety, agitation, and mania in bipolar patients. I informed the patient that SAMe has been approved by the FDA for over-the-counter sale in the United States as a nutraceutical. I recommended SAMe because it does not cause any sedation, weight gain, cognitive impairment, liver enzyme elevations, or sexual dysfunction.

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Disikachar (2005) – The author is the grandson of Krishnamacharya. He delivers many anecdotal details and seems to confirm the official family version of the great man very faithfully. Krishnamacharya claimed he knew six different styles of yoga – krana – and a style was applied to a student depending on the student’s age and condition. As most of the students of Krishnamacharya were very young they were taught srsti krama (i.e. vinyasa), which is a strenuous asana based yoga. Accordingly this is why the yoga brought to West by the students like Iyengar and Jois is often so physically demanding: as young teenagers they were themselves taught strenuous yoga appropriate to their age group.

A student for many years of Krishnamacharya is Ramaswami who also offers some stories about the guru and his disciples (2005). He calls the srsti Krana (see previous note) vinyasa yoga – which is the name now used in the West for a floating movement in and out of asanas combined with deep calm breathing.

Ramaswami (2005). This student of Krishnamacharya claims that ashtanga yoga is mainly a copy of sequences from a scripture he calls Yoga Makaranda combined with some of Krishnamacharya’s own sequences. He maintains that Krishnamacharya normally taught a less aggressive form of vinyasa yoga or movement based yoga than Jois’.

Smith (2008) gives an overview of the series and how Jois and his students interpret them in a context of tapas discourse.

For a critical investigation of modern Indian spirituality’s – especially Sivananda’s -involvement in Hindu nationalism see McKean (1996) .

Post WW2 Indian religious movements sweeping the West like Transcendental Meditation, Bhagwan Rajnesh (Osho) and his orange Sanyasins and Sri Ravi Shankars Art of Living Foundations have not positioned themselves as specific yoga schools. They have rather entered the West as popular Eastern offering of religion for the individual (i.e. individualised religions).

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