Yoga Poses How To Do a Camel Pose Ustr Asana

Hi my name is Asha. And I’m a yoga instructor today I’m going to be showing you some basic back bends these are really good to bring strength and flexibility to the spine a lot of times throughout the day you may bend forward to pick something up. But very rarely do we bend back so our back gets very stiff and very uncomfortable a lot of pain and stress can get seeded into the lower back. So these are some really nice basic Asanas to stretch and open and create strength in the back and to work on our muscles. So we’ll start by coming on to the knees keep the knees hip distance apart keep the hip bones directly facing forward and above the knees the feet can remain flat take the palms onto the lower back and roll the shoulders back squeezing the elbows together try to repeat the hips facing forward and try not to lean back with the hips so keeping the hips directly above the knees inhale lift the chest opening up the chest bringing the hips forward. And then gently moving into a backbend. And then slowly coming up bringing the chin down to the chest.

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And then rolling the spine down dropping the palms bringing the head off the palms keeping the spine rounded for the same amount of time that you’re in the back bend try to remain in the forward end this is a counter pose that allows the spine to relax start with the palms in the back bringing the hips forward and coming in to the back fence, if you feel really good here you can drop the palm on to the ankles get a nice grip with the palms gripping on to the ankles. And then move the hips forward breathing ends with a chest posture few breaths the shop drop the head down and relax, if you’re really strong you’re ready to take it to the next level roll the shoulders back drop one palm on to the L on to the ankle. And then inhale reach the other palm towards the back bringing the hips forward drop the head down take the counter pose which to the other side I hope you enjoyed that post Yoga is a great add-on to any workout you’re already doing. So, if you want to know more just subscribe to our blog right here take care bye.

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