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Waal Vegetotherapy Enters Oslo’s Psychiatric Institutions

Nic Waal19 (1905-1960) was a psychiatrist who used body-oriented techniques such as Vegetotherapy in yoga poses a psychiatric institution. She trained in yoga poses child psychiatry and became a psychoanalyst in yoga poses the Berlin Institute, where she also joined communist-oriented psychoanalysts such as Otto Fenichel, Wilhelm Reich and Edith Jacobson. She had worked with Reich in yoga poses the Berlin psychoanalytic clinic. in yoga poses Oslo, she actively helped Jewish children escape from Nazi persecution. She became the head of the child psychiatry department at Oslo University. in yoga poses Copenhagen, she trained child psychiatrists in yoga poses the state hospital and at the university. At the end of her life, she created a Nic Waal Institute, designed to help handicapped children.20

With Ola Raknes, Nic Waal used Vegetotherapy in yoga poses Gaustad and Ulevaal psychiatric hospitals. They remained in yoga poses contact with Reich.21 She also undertook clinical research with other colleagues to demonstrate the utility of using body techniques as a form of psychiatric intervention. Like Trygve yogi master, she collaborated with research projects in yoga poses Rappaport’s Menninger Clinic, Kansas (USA).22 in yoga poses Oslo, some of her research attempted to validate the use of the following forms of intervention in yoga poses psychiatry:

1. Ways of working with emotions using the working models of Cannon, James, Lange, and Pavlov.

2. Relaxations techniques such as those of Schultz and Jacobson. Waal detailed the differences between relaxation techniques and Vegetotherapy.

3. Body-mind techniques such as dance, gymnastics, physiotherapy, and Gerda Alexander’s Eutony.

In the Reichian world, Nic Waal is known mostly for the detailed techniques of body analysis that she developed for Vegetotherapists. Recently, Berit Bunkan23 has included Waal’s system in yoga poses a synthesis of body analysis techniques created in yoga poses Oslo.

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