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In the insert below we investigate this dark side of spiritualism. The insert may be skipped.

Insert: Spiritualism and consumer society

In a historio-sociological analysis of spiritualism J. Carette & R. King Selling

Spirituality (2004) argue that spiritualism – despite its claims about the opposite – is actually the religion of our present society: a highly individualised religious practice.44 A common denominator of modernity is that it fragments society and individualises us as individuals. This also holds true for religion. It has been individualised.

Hold whatever extreme position you can attain for a count of Yoga poses glutes 10. 26 Begin to lower yourself very slowly in the exact reverse procedure. It is Yoga poses glutes important to keep your spine arched as the trunk is 27 When you have lowered the trunk approximately halfway to the floor, bring your arms back to your sides once again and make your back muscles support you. 28 Continue to lower the trunk until your forehead touches on the floor. Then rest your cheek on the floor and allow your body to go completely limp. Rest for several moments and repeat. Perform the entire routine very slowly twice. HEAD TWIST Figs.

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