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Namaskar I’m david add and welcome to anand yoga yoga for insomnia insomnia is a state wherein a person finds it difficult to go into asleep or to stay into a sleep it is caused by various reasons might be. Because of stress anxiety it might be. Because of terminal problems or it might be. Because of problems that you already have like a stomach or high BP the acyl that I am showing you will help you to cure all these causes and thereby cure insomnia but, if you are having specific problem like a stoma and high BP and that’s why the problem of insomnia then also check out the arsons from a stoma and high BP of whatever problem you are having ado mukha Svan Asana Adamek thinks downward-facing and swan is a dog.

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So this is downward facing dog pose this person helps to relax your heart it also helps you to reduce the depression which might be the cause of insomnia to go in this arson you first you are sitting in with Dawson and from my dress on you come to the cat position bringing the hands in front spread your fingers wide. So you get a good grip in this awesome there is comfortable distance between your feet between your needs now first you just raised the legs of the DS up and bring the heels closer to the ground then from here take a deep breath in and exhaling push yourself down and try to bring the crown of the head closer to the ground the hands remain straight the legs remain straight just enjoy this wonderful stretch for the back side of the body the car the hamstring also the back the blood will flow towards the brain in this position the heart is relaxed keep breathing then when you feel like coming out slowly start bringing the high head in front and drop the knees on the ground. And come back the cat position. And then slowly go and sit in vice rawson and relax you.

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