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Indeed, it is only when the I is dissolved that Yoga poses extreme styleand personalitybecome genuine according to the true nature of the performer or the group, and are Yoga poses extremenot simply technique and imitation. For the artist in any field Yoga poses extreme to create a style which is individual and original, he must execute his art from the Yoga poses extreme center; he mus. Experience; he must transcend the self. In the writings of all great religions and all great philosophies we read that in order to find yourself, you must learn to lose yourself.Hence it would seem that the answer to that classical question, Who am I?would be, / am what I experience, no more, no less! Notice, not what I experiencedpast, or what I will experiencefuture, but what I am now experiencing!Remember that we have already shown past and future experience to be a trick of the ordinary mind, abstractions which it can only think about now.

So we must ask you, Are you experiencing, or are you spending most of your time thinking about what you experienced or what you will experience?If you work with the technique Who am I?as outlined in the previous chapter, you may discover that the greater part of each day, and indeed, the greater part of your entire life, is spent in thinking about living, not in living itself! It is the understanding of how to experience that holds the solution to many of the terrible problems which confront us and involve the dreaded dragons of fear, anxiety, pain, insecurity and loss. But can you see that here again it is the ordinary mind which is writing the checks of fear,insecurity,etc. We have come to rely upon the irrefutable authority of this ordinary mind to such a degree that we no longer question whether the fearand insecurityare actually in the bank.

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