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However, the downside of such an interpretation in relation to asana is that any sophisticated gymnastic system could also lead to perfection. What then makes asana different from stretching gymnastics? If we recall from previous chapters that perfection was also a claim about immortality, then one wonders how such physical efforts or poses can have such amazing consequences? Can Pilates and Calisthenics then also lead to immortality? Further, as most of the asana taught are passive, relaxed sitting meditation poses, how can they generate a flexible and fit body? The text gives no clue to the many problems that such interpretations generate.

In other words, HYP brings little clarity and logical consistency regarding the purpose of asana in relation to either the doctrine of the subtle body or any of the other koshas. It raises the suspicion that asana is a foreign practice in relation to the subtle body doctrine, with which it was never properly integrated.

Chapter two of HYP – focusing on pranayama (extended breathing) and shatkarma (cleansing) techniques – starts with some verses on pranayama. It then changes topic and teaches 6 cleansing techniques, as they should be performed before the practitioner does pranayama. The chapter finally describes 8 techniques ofpranayama. It is not explained why pranayama and shatkarma are put together in a single chapter. As with chapter one, there is a strong sense of the chapter being a compilation of different sources as it jumps from subject to subject. The reader is – as with asana and diet techniques – promised to be free from disease and old age and will achieve perfection by using the techniques of cleansing and breath.

As such, you are only thinking about life, about Yoga poses explained reality, about the center, never really living. Two violinists perform the saihe concerto. Yoga poses explained One has the ability to transcend the I; he has lost his self within the music. He does not play the music; the music is playing, flowing through him. His recital has the element of pure truth about it because the music springs spontaneously from the center. It is perfect and this perfection is projected into the core of his litfceners. The second violinist possesses the same technical skill as the first. He plays the same music with the same orchestra.

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