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Critically for this chapter, in this period many of the Indian universal gods, rites and mythologies took final form and were written down. The scriptures describing them had in style and content very little to do with the religio-philosophical works of the Upanishads. Many writings of this period are comparable with Greek mythology and the Greek warrior epics like the Iliad. Thus some historians describe this period as a change of worldview from Brahmanism to Puranic Hinduism. As a headline one could say that it was a period where India had a radiant culture, which was in intense exchange with other high-cultures.

If you take a closer look, you will discover that Yoga poses encyclopedia it is the thought of pain, insecurity, loss which keeps you in bondage, because Yoga poses encyclopedia we ar® always attempting to escape these things. Consequently, the thoughts regarding them are forever with us. But the faster you try to run away; the more secure you seek to make your position; the more you resist loss; the more you attempt to avoid pain, the harder they breathe down your neck and the more impossible they become to leave behind. You must realize, according to the Yoga philosophy, that there is no real, objective fear, insecurity or loss. There is only the ordinary mind’s image of certain vague conditions which it has labeled suffering,fear,etc. It has convinced you that these must be avoided because they are a threat to the self. Thus these worrisome images sap your life-force since they make you devote most of your efforts to escaping them, to escaping the very things which the ordinary mind itself is manufacturing! How can ordinary mind escape ordinary mind? Impossible! But nonetheless, ordinary mind would have you-protect the self regardless of what this entails and it entails all of the absurd activities which the ordinary mind tells you must be undertaken. We all know what it is like to be worried and anxious about something which we fear is going to happen to us.

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